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Friday, April 26, 2019

Mo's Irish Pub - Tosa

10842 W. Blue Mound Rd

Milwaukee, WI





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100th Gig Celebration 2/24/17!

Happy to announce that we'll be celebrating our 100th gig as a band back where it basically began, at the Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery. Our 4th gig ever was at the Best Place, and that was actually our first gig playing as more than a duo - we added our illustrious and ne'er-do-well bearded compatriot "Cousin" Sean Nolan on percussion after shoving a djembe in his hands like 30 minutes before the gig! That illustrious day of May 6, 2011 defined us a band in a whole new way, and lead directly to what has now evolved into our sound.

We're so proud of where we've been, what we've done, and where we're going. Here's to a great 2017, and at least 100 more gigs for Bockenplautz!


Debut at the Red Dot

Hey guys, happy to say that we've booked a gig at the new Red Dot in East Tosa, which is quickly becoming the music hot spot in all of Wauwatosa!

We'll be playing on Saturday night, January 14, 2017. Facebook event with full info is HERE.

Come on out to support us, if you'd be so kind!

Also coming up: our 100th gig celebration at the Best Place, details pending on that but should happen in late winter 2017. STAY TUNED.


Door County Tour 2016 Starts Tomorrow!

Shows this year promise to be some of our most fun to date - a couple old favorites, and a new one!

7/13-17/16 - Door County Tour 2016!!!

Hope to see you in DC! Throw some cherries at us.


Milwaukee Boat Line Summer Concert Series June 17th!


Yes people, it is that time of year once again - our 4th straight year playing for the fine people at the Milwaukee Boat Line - Friday, June 17th. Doors open at 8:30pm. Parking in multiple nearby lots downtown, Milwaukee including their lot on the corner of Clybourne and Michigan- $5 for the night, right next to the dock. 150 person party boat with a sunset cruise down the Milwaukee River and out onto Lake Michigan - best views of the city imaginable, and just a great time every year.


Tickets are $20 in advance of $23 at the dock on the day of the show, available HERE.


                   SEE YOU THERE PARTY PEOPLE OF MKE!!!




Summer 2016 is gonna be the best, you guys. For real.

We have so many fun gigs lined up for this summer. May is a quiet month of mental and spiritual preparation for us in what can only be described as a summer onslaught of acoustic powerpop. For real, you guys.

Be sure to get your tickets ASAP for the Milwaukee Boat line gig on 6/17/18 at! We sold out the show last year, all 150 tickets!

Door County Tour has lined up nicely, and we'll be playing three official gigs up there from Wednesday July 13 through Saturday July 17. All free and open to the public. Plus probably a couple spontaneous performances, and perhaps another speed boat rental or two. WOO HOO!

We're playing again for our friends up at Big Cedar Lake, the Denim Park Summer Concert Series, and The Landing at Hoyt Park. Couldn't swing a gig this year at the State Fair due to vacation plans, but we'll try to make it happen next year.

We were discussing things as a band, and we just wanted everyone to know how grateful we are for the support we've been gettting. Over the last month, we've played two of our best gigs ever as we approach 100 shows with this band - at Mo's Irish Pub downtown, and a return gig to the Potawatomi Casino. These are the type of shows we initially set out to play with our group, and it is so awesome to see them come to fruition. Thanks.

And special thanks to our amazing sound guy, Jesus Soundmen, aka Andy Gasziorwoski. Working hard to make us sound better isn't an easy job, but it does occasionally involve a free shot of Fireball. WELL DONE ANDY GAS!