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Friday, April 17, 2015


Bockenplautz w/ LJ & Bill

Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery

901 W. Juneau

Milwaukee, WI





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"Thanks for an awesome show. We had so much fun with you guys. Lets do it again next year!"

"I can't mix your stage volume any louder - you guys are already as loud or louder up there than most metal bands!"

  • Cole, Sound Guy, BBC's Upper Level, Milwaukee, WI, 10/25/13

"Bockenplautz offer a unique blend of really great music and vocals delivered with a rare sincerity that is just plain fun - they're a band you only have to experience once, and then you're hooked."

"They sounded really good! What a talented group of young men! But they were sort of loud, so I had to turn off my hearing aid."

  • Elderly patron, Milwaukee Boat Line Summer Concert Series, 6/14/13

"Hey, you guys are waaaay better than i thought you were gonna be..."

  • Patron, Best Place Tavern at the Historic Pabst Brewery, 2/28/2012

"You guys ROCKED IT!"


While our band has yet to be formally reviewed in a major news outlet or music blog, we can vouch for the fact that our performances have been warmly recieved. We have performed everywhere from dark alleys to TV studios. Music is not our day job for any of us, but it is our main passion, and we love being able to perform. 

We can provide references upon request. 

In the meantime, perhaps it is our fans that speak loudest on our behalf.

This man beat pancreatic cancer, and he loves Bockenplautz. A coincidence? I think not.


And this man kicked a lifelong crippling addiction to Diet Coke, inspired by his love of Bockenplautz. ARE YOU SEEING A TREND HERE, PEOPLE?

Check out Bockenplautz before it's too late - You'll be glad you did.